Jason the Privacy Ripper

An Uber & Lyft Privacy Horror 😱🔪🖕1 min

We all like to be continuously recorded by surveillance cameras, so why bother if we are recorded live to Twitch on an Uber or Lyft?

Jason Gargac 32 of Florissant,  (Now JRP Jason the Privacy Ripper) thought this was cool maaaan.
He created this Twitch channel  IRL “In Real Life” hoping to do big bucks on other’s privacy expense.

He didn’t always inform about the recording, especially when people refused to be live-streamed. And worst, he was not bothered buy Twitch rude, sexist comments.

So he thought he was also the best lawyer in town and interpreted the law to his benefit.
You know what? If I consent than the rest must’ he thought.
Well, he was wrong.

Now, fortunately, he has been kicked out of Twitch, Uber & Lyft.
The best part? In his interview, he asked to not share his name and surname due to privacy concerns, aaaaaw! Such awareness.

Way to go, Jason, thanks for making a new chapter in the privacy horror.



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