Android, the biggest of liars.

Sometimes security updates are just a fake. 🤯1 min

Security Research Lab researchers in Berlin Germany had a mission.
Check if the security updates in the Android systems are what they seem.

Sometimes it is incredible how companies lie in our faces. You press a button, and then you see that you are downloading and installing an update. Well, what if I would tell you this was just a deception?
The guys in SRL prooved that, by doing an extensive analysis on a long list of devices from Huawei to Samsung…

These fake updates created a false sense of security through many users.

It is still easier to trick the user and download a malicious app than to hack Android directly.
But you must admit, a lie is just a lie.

Who knows what else those companies are holding back?

If you are a tecky guy check the full presentation of theri research here.

Great phone picture by Suika Ibuki on Unsplash.
The rest we beautify.



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