Yahoo! Thanks for reading my mail

You are at the end of the data food chain πŸ’Ύ πŸ–1 min

We like to think that the emails we get are private and only we can read them.
There is a long list of readers before you get it.

1 Government agencies

Prism is one of the best examples of email scanning.
From the Snowden leaked presentation you can see they started to read your Yahoo email since 2008.

2. Yahoo itself

Oath, the company that owns Yahoo,  does not keep that in secret.
You can even learn about their email scanning in the privacy policy.

And it does not matter if you have the free or paid account if you do not opt out from this feature Yahoo will scan them.

Yahoo does scan only promotional emails you receive like newsletters, to understand what are your preferences and profile you.

Consequently, the data is sold to advertisers that will use it to create the relevant advertisement for you advertisment for you. Great right?

Fortunately you can opt out with just a click.

3. You
Well then you, of course, read your emails.



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