Busted With Style

A NSA trick you do not know about. 1 min

Let’s say you have two lives, the official one, and a dark one.

Many of us think that if we do all the best to encrypt the dark one, by not leaving any digital trace, like pictures, real accounts, etc. we will never be caught by the  NSA.

Well, guess what, the NSA  does not need to know any of that information to identify you, as they would bust you with Styl…ometry.

Yeah right, Stylometry. It’s a smart way to analyze all your written conversations you believe are super untraceable, and match them to any documents, articles, complaints you have written in the past.

The chances are if you did not delegate your conversations to a bunch of drunken monkeys,  that you will get busted.

NSA will of course not confirm or deny that with such a method they found out who Satoshi Nakamoto is.



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