What Information do I collect?

You know everything!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH.
Oh, no sorry, that was Facebook.

The Policy

I collect only general stats on how you use the site to make it better & better.
Those stats are generated in Google Analytics and are an integrated part of WordPress.

The most exciting things I look for is from what country you are joining, what pages you like and how long you are on the website.

To not sound creepy here are the explanations:

I am filled with joy to see people reading my stuff from all over the world.
And that’s one of the main reasons I like to know this information.
For example, I see a trend for the US and Europe like the News section.
I continue to monitor this stuff, so I can better tailor and focus on things that people like.
It’s a small tradeoff to make sure you have a place you like to come back.

Like news about Hackers? Breaches? Crazy stuff? It gives me an indication to know what to focus on. Again It will not change what I will and like to do.
See it like this, if I like to buy flowers in different colors, and most of you like yellow ones then I would not forget to include them.
Time makes me understand if you like the content or you are more like: aaah shit what’s this place?? Take me out of here!
If I notice people escaping after a couple of seconds means that something is broken and I need to fix it.

User data:
If you join as a user to go through the courses, earn points, badges, etc then below is the list of the maximum amount of data I see:

First Name
Last Name
Nickname (required)
Display name publicly as
Contact Info
Email (required)
About the user
Biographical Info
Profile Picture

All the information you give is done willingly.
There is no need to fill all the details; only the nickname and email are required.

Feel free to make everything up, use masked emails and anonymous info.

I think that would be much better than give all your private stuff as there is never a guarantee that databases are safe.

In the future, I might be interested in sending occasional nonspammy emails, and I would use some automation like below:

Hi (nickname)
blah blah blah

But before that, I would need to figure out a nice opt-in/out way.
So no worries no emails without your prior consent!

GDPR CCPA, you name the Privacy law

In case you are a user, and you want a report on what data is processed on the website server just contact me, and I will initiate the process.
Fuck yeah GDPR compliant!


I run the minimum ads from WordPress, and I want to avoid all the shitty adds you see all around the web. For me, it means a minor income, but fuck that disgusting shit. Support me on Patreon instead!
If you click on ads them, you share similar data to the advertisers like in any other website

Final words

But you know, you are free to use an ad blocker or any anonymous way to visit the site. I do the same all the time.
In case you see something strange, like more trackers or other nasty stuff let me know immediately.
You can contact me anytime in different

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