2018 in review

Thank you for 2018!2 min

I was thinking of doing this for a long time for different reasons.

First of all, I really would like hacked.wtf to be a genuine place where people come for exciting and informative stuff from the Cyber World.
Building such a place is not easy, and it takes time to do so.
Having such data can be helpful to keep the pace and reach such goals.

Then I want to do it for transparency.
I believe I cannot support you with data privacy and cybersecurity and not be transparent.
So here it is this site is not a click bait, shady website or anything like that.
I @piotrsec am the owner of it, and I want you to know that.

I also like data analytics and facts.
Many times when I watch or read anything I want to make sure the information is relevant and accurate. Without sources and data, this can be difficult. Of course, I could fabricate the data, but why should I say for example that I had 51 views in December? Would it be better to say that I had 51.000?

As the last reason, I want to use this as a motivational trigger for me and maybe even inspiration for others. Can I have more views? Is the site giving anything worthwhile back? Can you create something from scratch and be happy and successful? I believe so.

So here comes the data.
First, you can see that 2018 views were pretty much inconsistent.
I believe it depends on the fact that the website is new and I have sporadic views based on content.

In 2018 I had 848 views of 524 visitors, and I must say I am already happy with the result. I started in August with the platform, and I went through one significant overhaul of the site look and mission. Additionally, I still did not add that courses I am making so I hope this will increase the views.

I get most views from the US, Canada, and Poland. Still, I am overwhelmed to see how information is read from anywhere like Indonesia or Mozambique!

There are many ideas I have for 2019, and I cannot wait to see them fulfilled.

In the meantime thank you all for coming here and hope to see you soon.