#TurkeyWon subtle bots

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I am on a journey of exploring Twitter disinformation analysis. And here, I will present this journey so we can learn together, fact check, collaborate, etc.

Without going into too many geopolitical details, Turkey, Russia signed a deal to remove Syrian Kurdish YPG and launch joint patrols.

The agreement with Russia was the trigger of the #Turkeywon Hashtag on Twitter.

Since Turkey’s Erdogan rise to power, we can observe that he is concentrating more power in his hands.

From the BBC article:

Quite: “His powers include:

  • Directly appointing top public officials, including ministers and vice-presidents
  • The power to intervene in the country’s legal system
  • The power to impose a state of emergency

Beefing up the presidency was accompanied by a massive purge of state institutions, following a July 2016 coup attempt which nearly toppled Mr Erdogan. His grip on power was seriously challenged by military officers – and his response was mass arrests and show trials” End quote.

Having that background, I was interested to see if there is any BOT activity to support the disinformation campaigns of Turkey and what scale.

So I run a query on Twint a tool that scraps tweets, looking into only #Turkey

The result was a quite subtle activity of 4 Bots. And I say four as I didn’t fact check more.

So here are the results:

I looked at active hours to see if it was persistent, or had spikes

And of course the most exciting part the users

I compared tweets/retweets/likes for the hashtag tweeting users, and one user, in particular, is on a retweet bonanza

To see the overall scale of traffic manipulation I used the Coefficient of Traffic Manipulation


1,32 is pretty damn low, especially compared to other previous large scale manipulation that scored 50+. Anyways, it was an excellent way to test things by myself.

Also, those top four bots have a banner problem, 🤣 Bravo 👏 great Opsec. #OPSECfail

I re visited the Hashtag and nothing of big interested happened. The Bot on a retweeting spree is now nr 1 of the 4. Congrats, I guess?

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2 shares, 1 point

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