Hacker Giraffe is back

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In my previous piece, I wrote about how Hacker Giraffe disappeared leaving a goodbye message.

Now he is back. Well, sort of.

First of all, he is not pursuing his Pewdiepie support hacks anymore, but more on a journey to improve his skills.

You can find him with his new Twitter @0xGiraffe

I know I keep coming back and saying bye and coming back again. So I’ll just say I’m MIA. Who knows what the future holds? All I know is that you guys are the best friends anyone could ask for. Keep being cool peeps.— TheHackerGiraffe 🖨 (@0xGiraffe) February 5, 2019

@0xGiraffe (now deleted Tweet)

Lately, together with j3ws3r, they gave an interview to the BBC.

But most interesting he is the subject of the latest podcast of Dark Net Diaries.

Click on the image to go to Dark Net Diaries page and listen to the episode.

Jack Rhysider as always presents the Hacker story in a very compelling and informative way. A must listen.

Vice Motherboard podcast Cyber also has its own take on Hacker Giraffe hacks.


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