Hackers are listening to loud keyboard tappers

Will you cover also your mic with duct tape now?1 min

In these days public awareness is mostly concentrated on securing their camera on their laptops as they fear that hackers can watch them.

Since Mark Zuckerberg has been spotted covering his camera with ducktape, many others followed and a sort of hysteria came out.

But the ones that followed covered only their camera not the microphone.


Some media outlets are not helping to cool down the hype with such videos, that fortunately have been taken down.

Now, if you have a Mac, and considering it has such a lovely design don’t cover it with a crappy piece of glue and paper when you can use Oversight a free software created by very talented Patrick Wardle.

Check out one of the many cool things he does!

Now with that said most of us concentrate on cameras when most of laptops have a built-in microphone. But we do not see many people covering duck tape or glue that hole, right?

There is a fascinating tool that you can find on GitHub that is called Kbd-audio that can exploit this.

It’s a collection of command-line and GUI tools for capturing and analyzing audio data.

In that collection, there’s a really cool Tool called Keytap that will try to guess what you’re are typing based on an analysis of the noise produced on your keyboard.

Just watch this video and be amazed.

It reminds me of exciting research done in 2011 by Georgia Tech Institute where they used an iPhone 4 gyroscope to snoop on what is typed real time analyzing the shockwaves created when tapping on a particular keyboard.

Any case if you have that particular friend or coworker that is typing like a frustrated hammersmith then why not show them this article so they can keep the noise down.


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