Hacker Giraffe is out

The pressure of being caught was too high. 1 min

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Hacker Giraffe is a hacker mostly known for two very notorious hacks that were created together with j3ws3r (read user).

In the first one, they hacked printers around the world to display messages of support Pewdiepie.

The second half was hacking Google Chromecast, Google Homes and Smart Tv's to warn the users about security issues that would lead to leakage of their personal information and to ask them to support Pewdiepie.

The eureka moment.

They even created a website, where you can find information about how many of those devices were exposed and other stats.

A screenshot of the website http://casthack.thehackergiraffe.com

Both attacks are harmless and are excellent opportunities to raise people awareness of the dangers of the internet.

But after being in the spotlight hacker giraffe started to be concerned that he would get caught that's why today you will not see his tweets anymore.
But there are still archived tweets in way back machine.

Today if you look for @hackergiraffe at Twitter you will find a new user under that name. 

It can also be that it is an excellent tactic to clean up the internet backups and overwrite them.

It's sad that hacker giraffe has disappeared because with such skills we would have maybe more fun awareness sessions.

Hereare bits of his goobye message, you can read it in full here.

"Yeah, I will have to disappear. Most probably for good this time. Who knows? Maybe I'll appear in 2 weeks on this same account again. 

No matter how much I write, I can't describe to you the mental stress and panic I'm going through right now. 

I don't deserve to be thrown under a bus for wanting to help people, but I guess that will put a smile on some people's faces.

But I will say this. There are still so many devices exposed to the public internet. 

Please secure your devices. My intentions behind this were to stop this from becoming a global outbreak, and I know many of you will not believe that such a pure intention exists, but picture your family being hacked. "

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1 comment, 530 shares, 1 point

Internet McNulty. Creating Hacked.wtf to make Cyber Security for everyone.

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