Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) website Hacked

Is it a protest against the rise of Hindu Nationalism?1 min

The Bharatiya Janata Party is one of the two major political parties in India.

The party has seen high political success in 2014 winning many seats and achieving an outright majority in the Indian Parliament. In 2019 the BJP won the general election increasing its majority.

Elliot Alderson, a French Security researcher, shared different pictures of the Hack.

From the picture, it is clear that Shadow_Vip3r behind the attack, although, after first research, there is no Twitter account or other social media account to be reached for further comment.

What is striking of the Hack is what has been deliberately changed by the Hacker.

Usually, Hackers replace the whole website with one page to display not only the name of the attackers but also a message.

Such posts are also a common practice of Hacktivists, yet in this, there is no clear message.

Since the Hacker is not reachable for comment, there are some speculations that one can make.

The website had its pages replaced with pages with beef recipes, beef pictures and the world beef associated to Indian Politics.

Such action can be a protest against the rise of Hindu Nationalism in India, that have been legitimised and helped by Modi and the BJP.


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