A good hacker

And not just because he is Canadian 🇨🇦.1 min

For most people, hackers are known as bad actors.
They are portrayed as those sneaky people that can harm you, steal your data or just do something terrible. 

The truth is that is so much more than that and that there are so many good hackers or sometimes referred to as white hats, or security reasearchers that help our society to improve security in so many different ways.

This case is an excellent example of how a hacker, found a vulnerability in the Nest camera software.

The Hacker entered someone’s camera and microphone and was able to connect and contact the owner to inform him that his set up was unsecured.

For that person for sure, this was a great wake up call, and the security researcher was really accommodating, friendly and helpful. But it’s not always the case as those security cameras are very often exploited.

So if you are the owner of for such a camera maybe after that video, you will also think of improving the security of your set up.

The most simple and useful tips are:

1.  Add additional authentication with 2FA
2. Change any default login and password of your device
3. Make sure that you know what data you are sending over the internet
4. Update your device as soon as the update is available as it usually will contain security patches that would solve known issues.


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