Internet browsing is something that we do at least once a day. It seems that everything is on the internet, and yet we do not have safe browser habits.

See it this way, if you go by car, you need to learn how to drive and all the safety rules. And with Internet browsing, well, not much is taught.

So here are some excellent tips for a safer experience:

  1. Make sure that the website is encrypted with https. Https is an internet protocol that encrypts your traffic between your computer and the server where the webpage is. This is so important, especially if you are putting any personal information on it. If the website starts with HTTP that you know, it is not safe according to modern standards, and potentially, it is easy for Hackers to see what data you’ve sent.
  2. Look at the padlock but do not trust it blindly. A padlock close to the URL bar will state that the website is encrypted and that it has a certificate behind. Such a certificate is used to identify the owner of the site and make sure you are sending the information to the right receiver like apple .com and not a fake website. But please be aware that today even a fake website can use a free certificate, so the devil sits in the details. See next point
  3. Read the certificate to have a better reassurance on the legitimacy of the website.
  4. Use bookmarks and avoid link clicks to critical accounts like banks. Let’s say you receive an email from your bank, then instead of clicking the link from the email just go to the website from the bookmark. You will avoid a possible fake email and malicious link from a Hacker, plus even if it is legitimate, you will prevent data tracking from the Company.
  5. Block Ads. Ads are riddled with tracking plus many times you may encounter difficult to resist click ads that are just Malware. So go and fetch yourself an ad blocker. You will not only have more secure web experience but even a more private one.

  6. Use a VPN This will be described more in the Medium section as it is easy to buy and use still you will need some more effort and lose some convenience in your daily life. Despite that, please know that thanks to a VPN you will make your traffic encrypted and no one will know your traffic.

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