Backups are crucial more than ever. There is much physical and online threat that can just wipe out your family moments or hard work.

It can be for example a faulty computer, or a physical break when your device falls or for instance, a nasty Malware called Ransomware that will encrypt all your devices and leave you with nothing to use.

You should backup all of the data is most essential for you to like contacts, documents, and photos. These files can be stored on your computer, on a removable device, or in the Cloud. This allows you to restore the information to your phone should it be lost, stolen or otherwise erased.

The easier are for sure online automatic backups. If you go for one, then remember that the data should be encrypted (check with terms and conditions of the company). Now, encrypted doeasm’t mean that it is automatically secured.

You can imagine that you can build the most secure underground bunker, but you leave the door open… And the open door is the password to the backup account. Be really sure it’s a bullet proof password secured on a good password manager.

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