Passwords are your primary authentication tool to keep your account safe online.

It is the most common, most know and used security standard for authentication.

Knowing that you would think that today most of us have great passwords, yet you would be surprised how much it is not valid.

Many people do not put any effort into creating the right password. They see it as a nuisance, that is just in their way. Or sometimes, people are only not aware of what are some good practices with passwords.

Let’s start and see what the most common mistakes with passwords are:

Whenever there is a leak of information online security companies and researches Ruch to do some statistics on most commonly used passwords in 2015 these were the most used ones:

Same passwords

Another of the most common mistake is the use of the same passwords for many services. Why is this a problem? Well, unfortunately, if there is a breach where millions of emails and passwords would be disclosed, then those credentials would be reused to try to log into different services. So let’s say the email and password have been disclosed in linked hackers would try to log in with the same credentials to Facebook, PayPal, etc. You would be surprised how nay times they succeed because of the mistakes.

Weak passwords

Passwords that are just simple to guess are only not even a password. For example, many people use their wedding date, birth date, or pet name as a password. Unfortunately, this information is straightforward to find. All this information can be found on Facebook or other social media portals.

How to protect your passwords:

Use a password management tool

Today we have so many services that require a password that it really hard to manage them all without sacrificing security. Fortunately, since a couple of years, there is a tool that I would highly recommend.

The password management tool is a fantastic safe way to store all your passwords in a highly secured environment. There are several reasons why it is a great option: Passwords are automatically generated to meet strict criteria You will avoid reusing the same password for different services There is no typing of password involved making a much more secure connection between the computer and application you would like to use Passwords are heavily encrypted

There is only one way to make sure that all the above points are relevant. You need to create a strong password for the tool itself. So, in short, you create a master password that will unlock all your password database. The great benefit is that your passwords will be remembered and filled automatically, and if you want to check on the database, then you have only one password to remember.

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