Australia needs Assistance

Because it officially sucks at privacy 👎1 min

It’s quite a sad moment for privacy in Australia as the government has passed the Assistance and access Bill.

One of the critical elements of this bill is that it gives the right to the police to request co-workers of any tech company in Australia to create backdoors.

Backdoors are like secret  entrances to programs that allows bypassing any encryption, making data, that should be available only to its users, accessible to anyone that know about that secret. The problem is that those backdoors are a juicy target for hackers that would find them and exploit them.

This is not the first time we hear something like that as also the US government agencies tried to persuade companies to act the same way, but fortunately, they refused.

Already today we are spied in so many different ways if we’re not careful enough.  From localization data, advertisers, to shady apps that it would be awful if it will be legal for governments to spy on you.

You can share this open letter that is damn good.



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