What is Wi-fi sniffing

Sniffing is a process of intercepting data packages on a given network.

Whatever interaction that you make on a device that requires a network, it will send that information in so-called packets.

This data can be intercepted and analyzed by a sniffer.

Sniffers can be both software and hardware and will see as much as the network configuration. For example, if you connect to open wifi with a sniffer, you can intercept all data packages of people connected to that access point on the fly.

Sniffer tools are used by network administrators to troubleshoot, yet a bad actor can also exploit them.

The exploit consists of intercepting and reading those packages. Fortunately, most new services encrypt their traffic so the result of such interception would be gibberish. If the protocols used to send data are not secure with encryption, then all data will be readable by the attacker.

It is one of the reasons that it is of good practice to not trust any open Wifi.

How to protect

If you do not trust the network, as you do not control it, then avoid connecting it.
Public networks can be convenient from a cost perspective, yet they can be insecure, gather data on you or have a malicious person inside that might attempt do do

If you are in a public network and you have no other way to use it, then use tools to send information via the internet that is encrypted. Encryption depends on the device and medium itself, so be informed of what you use and who the service protects your information.

When using a webpage to send information, look at the bar, and see https.
HTTPS stands for “HyperText Transport Protocol Secure. Websites that use the standard HTTP protocol send and receive data in an insecure way.

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