Cyber Glossary

Here you will find explanations to the most common terms in the Cyber Security world. It’s kinda empty right know but check in from time to time to see more.

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Cyber Glossary

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1 Wi-fi Sniffing Sniffing is a process of intercepting data packages on a given network. Whatever interaction that you take on a device that requires a network it will send data trough it. This data can be intercepted and analyzed by a sniffer.
2 Bruteforce attack A Bruteforce attack is when the attacker will try a set of combinations to try to get into an account. Let’s say that the key is a shape. Then the attacker will try all existing geometrical shapes until it opens.
3 DDoS Attack DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, and it’s when someone will try to make a website unavailable.
4 Doxxing It’s publicly exposing someone’s real name, address with a combination of other personal data on the Internet. This without the consent of that person.
5 Keylogger A keylogger is a software or hardware that will spy and log every single keystroke of your keyboard. Keyloggers can be used by criminals to steal passwords and other sensitive materials.
6 Phishing Phishing is an email attack that contains links to a fake login panel. The bogus website will ask you to login with username and password. IF you login the username and password will go directly to the attacker.
7 Shoulder-surfing Shoulder surfing is a person close to you that will look into your screen to read when you input your password, pin code, or other valuable information.
8 Social Engineering Social engineering is a combination of psychological and physical techniques that have as ultimate goal stealing information or assets.
9 Smishing Smishing is a phishing assault that involves a text message.
It's a form of attack that will try to trick you into giving certain information like a security code or password.
10 Account takeover Account takeover is when fraudster will obtain your credentials to control your online account.
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