Nothing is unhackable!


Learn how Hackers hack Instagram, then see what you can do to protect yourself. At the end you can check other articles, grab a mind map and spread the word!

Instagram is one o the most used Social media in the world.

Here are some points from Hootsuite study on the social media giant:

  1. 1 billion people use Instagram every month

Data is one of the most precious commodities of modern times. Data sells and is the trigger for many illegal activities. No wonder the Social media giant owned by Facebook is a juicy target by Hackers and criminals.

There are different techniques with how to Hack Instagram.

But we also need the context of motives and complexity of such attacks. Thanks to them, we can better measure the probability of an account hack.

The below attacks are not universal for everyone since all of us do not have the same to offer for an attacker.

Let’s say you are an influencer or a user with a relatively high amount of followers. Then the chance of hackers hacking your account is much more significant than for the ones with a small following.

But then this is not always black and white either as sometimes our account can also be hacked even if it has a low following for the short handle.

I was interested to know how much of a problem this can be. I downloaded all tweets containing “My Instagram hacked” between September 2018 and September 2019. The result is incredible.

The keyword was tweeted 19.095 times, and remember these are only the people that decided to talk about that publicly and on Twitter.

Anyhow, it should that this is an ongoing problem.

Then the question is, how do Hackers hack Instagram?

How hackers hack into Instagram accounts

Password reuse

Password reuse is something that keeps coming back when you look at account takeovers. This because it is a reasonably uncomplicated technique compared to others. Hackers need to have access to an existing leaked database of usernames and passwords and will reuse the data to try to get in.

Such attacks are used both for indirect and direct targeting.

Phishing attack

Phishing is more popular as indirect attacks, but there are countless examples of targeted attacks to defined users.

Bruteforce attacks

Bruteforce attack is an assault that will try different combinations of words and numbers to guess your password. Bruteforcing a social media giant account can get more and more difficult due to internal controls to prevent that, yet it still can be used as a way inside. Bruteforce can be used both for indirect and direct attacks.


Vulnerabilities are weaknesses in a platform that can be exploited by Hackers. Such weaknesses are also present on the Instagram platform.

Security researchers are encouraged to find them and are rewarded with money payouts if they disclose them to Instagram in agreed ways, like Bug bounty programs. But the same vulnerabilities are also used by Hackers to gain unauthorized access and create havoc for users.

Below are three significant articles that talk into more detail on the latest Instagram vulnerabilities:


Simjacking is a technique used by criminals to transfer your phone number to one in the hands of the attacker. This attack requires Social engineering skills. The attack is not only social, but psychological bury also technical means a Hacker can gain access to certain information of you that will be used to impersonate you and deregister your number from one sim to another.

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