Beautiful pictures with terrible passwords.

Just admit it, you at least once used one of those1 min

Using terrible passwords is one of the most common mistakes that people do online.Not only they use terrible passwords, but they also reuse them with the same login or email in many different services.

This is a significant threat for those individuals because it will be eventually easy to hack into one of those accounts that really matters like  Amazon, Facebook or main email account.

Splash data is one company that every year lists the worst passwords of the year, and you will see that pretty much the same passwords appear every on a regular basis.

To help to spread the word and raise awareness I’ve started to post one picture per week with a crappy password.

You are free to use those pictures for awareness sessions or any other thing that can come to your mind.

For now, they are mostly found in the Twitter account and the Facebook page.

But soon you will find all those pictures also on the website in a beautiful gallery and an easy way to bulk download.

Hope you like them!


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