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    Hacking to save forests in Nicaragua

    National Forest Institute of the Nicaraguan government data leaked.4 min

    On 09 May 2020, a Hacker by the Handle of Lorian Synaro disclosed that together with Nama Tikure they hacked the National Forest Institute of the Nicaraguan government. As a result, emails, private documents, and information leaked. The leak was analyzed by Twitter user Solidify. He could verify that INAFOR, the National Forest Registry Office,...
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  • Aarogya Setu app vulnerabilities

    Aarogya Setu GoI’s mobile application for contact tracing & dissemination COVID-19 in India is vulnerable to hacker attacks. A French security researcher known as Elliot...1 min

  • Doxxing, a Cyber Story

    With this movie, I wanted to find a more exciting way to talk about doxxing without doing it academic style. The film should make us...3 min

  • Thank you for 2019

    Here we are, all together on mothership earth, taking a new spin around the sun. I am looking forward to 2020, as I intend to...1 min

  • #TurkeyWon subtle bots

    I am on a journey of exploring Twitter disinformation analysis. And here, I will present this journey so we can learn together, fact check, collaborate,...2 min

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